Thursday, February 10, 2011

1922 KKK Meeting in Roseburg,OR

Here's a really creepy newspaper article about the KKK burning crosses at the top of Mt.Nebo in Roseburg. 
Date: July 16, 1922
Paper: Oregonian


  1. It's even more frightening when you consider that there were only 4000 people living in Roseburg at the time. (21,000 in the county).

    1. hey susie ... lol weird seeing your comment. i was just informed the kkk used an "undergound city" and its still at roseburg but not many ppl know about it or know where it is.... somewhere in se jackson street.... wild stuff. guess the cops go down there to kick out bums. the kkk use to torture or kill blacks down there

  2. This is so disturbing on every level.